FAQs 2020

Q - Where can I run?

A - Anywhere your feet can take you!  without trespassing of course ;)


Q - What days can I run and still be a part of the race?

A - October 1-9, 2020.


Q - Where and when can I pick up my shirt and race package?

A - This will be determined closer to the date.


Q - Are there any cash prizes?

A - This year we are not doing cash prizes for top finishers.


Q - Do I still get a race bib?

A - Yes, a race bib will be in the race package!

Q - Can I run from anywhere in the world?

A - YES!!!  This virtual run is open to ANYONE and EVERYONE regardless of where you live!!!!

Q - Can I donate to people without running?

A - Yes, you can attend the race page and donate under a person if you like!